The Danville Science Center is a science museum in Danville, Virginia. It is one of the many science museums in the United States. The Science Center has three floors of interactive exhibits. The first floor is called “Our World.” It has shown the environment, the human body, and energy. The second floor is called “Space and Beyond.” It has exhibits on space exploration, the solar system, and the universe. Learn information about Danville, VA.

The third floor is called “Future of Science.” It has exhibits on technology, engineering, and medicine. The planetarium shows movies about space and the night sky. The theater shows movies about science and nature. Discover facts about A Comprehensive History: Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History in Danville, VA.

The cafe serves healthy food and has a view of the Science Center’s courtyard. The Science Center is located in Danville Historic District. It was built in 1892 as a public library. In 1961, the library moved to a new location. The Science Center opened in the old library building in 1962.